We give vulnerable orphans safe homes, happy childhoods and brighter futures.

The Amir Khan Foundation is in the process of constructing a purpose-built orphan village in The Gambia which will soon become home to 100 orphaned children.

The children will live with foster mothers, go to school, eat nutritious meals every day and receive clothes, uniforms and medical care – everything they need to find a personal route out of poverty.You can be part of this life-changing project and help give orphans a home for just £100 per ‘brick’. Please donate today and help build homes, and futures, for homeless orphans.



What does ‘buying a brick’ mean?

‘Buying a brick’ is much more than simply buying a block of dried clay – it’s the term we use for each £100 contribution to our orphanage building project.

It means you’re providing one of the fundamental building blocks of a new life for an orphan, giving them a home, food, an education and a second chance at a happy childhood.

Your £100 donation helps fund the development costs of the orphanage build – buying land and materials, paying taxes and construction workers’ wages – and contributing towards building costs.