Why has the Amir Khan Foundation and Penny Appeal joined forces?

Amir Khan holds a prominent and respected position within the community and Penny Appeal has expertise in project delivery. Together, we’re pounding poverty and using our strengths together for a win-win.

What will the project involve?

We will be building an orphan village in The Gambia which will become home to 100 orphans. The complex will include a community centre and a clinic. The housing will be divided into 10 homes, with 10 orphans living in each one with their dedicated foster mother. Every orphan will get three nutritious meals a day, an education, clothing and school uniform, plus medical care.

How will the orphan village be run?

As well as the foster mothers there will be a team of staff, such as teachers, caretakers and security staff, to ensure the children have a safe and happy childhood. Our partners in The Gambia will oversee the day-to-day running and provide us with regular feedback and reports.

How will my donation be spent?

Donations will be used to fund all aspects of the building project, from purchasing the land and paying the appropriate taxes, to buying the materials, paying construction workers and covering the cost of staff wages and utility bills..

When will the orphanage be finished?

We expect the building to be finished in summer 2016. We need your support to ensure this happens, so please donate.

Why should I GiftAid my sponsorship or donation?

It really helps us if you can Gift Aid your sponsorship or donation – it increases the value of your donation by 25%.If you are a UK taxpayer, selecting to 'Gift Aid' your donation (either by checking the box online or ticking the box on a paper donation form) will make it worth more to us at no extra cost to you. In order for Penny Appeal to reclaim the tax you have paid on your donations, you must have paid income or capital gains tax (in the UK) equal to the tax that will be claimed by all the charities that you donate to (currently 25p for every £1 you give) in the same tax year.

The tax reclaimed will be used to help fund the administration costs of the charity so more of your actual donation can go directly to those in need.

Gift Aid can be added to your donation if you are donating your own money. We regret that Gift Aid cannot be reclaimed if you are paying donations you collected from others, even if everyone was a UK taxpayer. Neither can it be reclaimed on donations made by companies. Other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. Gift Aid can not be claimed on payments for any ticketed events.

Please notify us if you are no longer eligible, wish to cancel this declaration, change your name or home address or if you no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and / or capital gains.

By ticking the box you agree that you are eligible to claim Gift Aid as explained above and that we can treat this donation, any donations made in the last 4 years and future donations as Gift Aid and that you understand that if you pay less Income Tax and / or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all your donations in that tax year it is your responsibility to pay any difference.

Is my payment secure?

We only use secure systems with banking standard safety features to make sure that your payment and financial data cannot be compromised. All online payments are securely processed via KeyIVR Ltd, PayPal or SmartDebit and no financial data is retained on our servers.

Can I make a regular payment?

Yes, small payments made regularly can make a big difference – this is the Penny Appeal way.You can set up an affordable monthly Direct Debit and help us build orphanages for just pennies per day.Automatic, monthly payments are the most efficient way to support Penny Appeal they reduce the cost of administration. Regular commitments allow us to plan ahead and ensure we have a reliable source of income to provide aid.

Can I get a refund?

Under Charity Commission rules we are not usually able to give card refunds for donations made through this site. Where refunds are made, it is at Amir Khan Foundation's discretion. If you experience any problem with your payment please contact us on 03000 121 000. Refunds will be made to the card you used to make a donation.

Some of the individual homes have passed half-way and the masjid is also well underway.

1 JAN 2016

The buildings are coming along nicely now and beginning to take shape.

1 NOV 2015

Work has started and already the builders have made good progress

1 SEPT 2015

The plans are confirmed, land prepared and builders hired – we’re ready to start!

1 AUG 2015