Refugee aid convoy hits the road

Seven massive vans have been loaded up with food, water, clothes and hygiene items, ready to be handed out to refugees arriving in Greece. Amir did most of the heavy lifting and the convoy is now travelling through Europe.

15 SEPT 2015

Amir supports Carlisle after flood devastation

When winter floods hit England the effects were devastating. Amir and teams headed up to Carlisle to help with the clean-up operation and show solidarity with the community.

13 DEC 2015

Food for the homeless

In the UK, Amir gets involved in projects like this soup kitchen in Stockport, where many homeless people go for a warm meal and a chance to chat. Little things like this can have a big impact.

8 NOV 2015

Amir helps refugees on Lesbos

Amir Khan and the teams were busy handing out essential aid to refugees arriving on the Greek island of Lesbos. They distributed food and basic medicines, as well as clothes and sleeping bags.

1 OCT 2015

A surprise for Amir

Amir Khan visited the Penny Appeal offices to get an update on the orphan village in The Gambia. What he wasn’t expecting was this treat – a massive frame featuring a collection of happy photos from his visit to the country

19 JAN 2016

Amir visits orphans in The Gambia

Amir made a special visit to orphans in a Penny Appeal home in The Gambia, and they were delighted to see him. Here they are doing the famous “small change, BIG difference” move!

1 AUG 2015

Iftaar for water

During Ramadan we’re all reminded of the hardships faced by those in poverty, so a fundraising iftaar dinner is a great way to support them. Amir hosted this special evening and everyone broke their fast as a community.

22 JUL 2015

Orphans show Amir their moves

This orphan in The Gambia was determined to show Amir his best moves, and the champ was thoroughly impressed! The kids really look up to Amir so they smiled from ear-to-ear when he visited.

14 JUN 2015

Clean water for a community

Clean water comes out of a tap for us, but for communities in The Gambia it’s much harder to find. During his recent trip, Amir helped finish off this deep well, which will provide clean water for everyone in the area.

7 MAY 2015

Orphans show their support

Amir made a lot of new friends when he visited orphans in The Gambia, and here they are showing their support for the champion boxer in his upcoming fights. They’ve even been practicing their punches!

15 APR 2015