Building an orphanage in The Gambia

The Amir Khan Foundation’s flagship project is the construction of a new orphan complex in The Gambia which will become home to 100 orphaned children.

The self-contained village consists of 10 homes, each run by a foster mother and capable of housing 10 children. The complex also includes a school, masjid, medical clinic and outdoor play area.

Every child will receive a balanced diet, regular healthcare and a comprehensive school education so they can grow and develop as children in a safe, nurturing and loving environment.

The first stages of construction are now complete with the brick walls and tiled roofs of each orphan home already built. We are now concentrating on the interiors, utilities and facilities.You can be part of this life-changing project.

Donate Now and help give 100 orphans homes, foster mothers and a school education that ensures each one of them has a brighter tomorrow.

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